Welcome to MoDFA Xhibitions, an art showroom for the Museum of Digital Fine Arts.

We display the creations of modern artists and photographers who produce artistic works primarily with the aid of multimedia and electronic (digital) tools on computer canvases. These include extraordinary fine art paintings, drawings, collages, and photo images. Although these works are rendered originally through electronic tools, they can be, and usually are, transformed into signed custom Limited Edition Prints for public and private collections, purchased for displaying and enjoyment in homes and work spaces, in both small and large venues.

MoDFA Xhibitions showcases serious emerging and professional talents only. Each artist and each photographer is carefully chosen for their talents,  unique visions, and specialized methods utilized in creating stunning works. Many of these talents have already been recognized and/or been awarded for their work by educational institutions, by their peers, industry organizations, etc. Many are up-and-comers, who are steadily developing a name for themselves among galleries, collectors, and industry brokers, too.

Please feel free to contact any of our exhibiting artists individually, if their work appeals to you. We are sure they will be happy to provide you with further details about their portfolios and artistic goals.

You can reach us by email: modfa@gmx.com


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