“Visions” – Fine Art Exhibition with 3 brillant emerging artists

Welcome to MoDFA‘s “Visions” exhibition for April 2014. In this unique show we are spotlighting three amazing visionary artists who are adding their own special flavor to today’s exciting art scene.  The exhibition starts April 15th, and runs through to April 30th, 2014. Take your time and leisurely walk through the displays of fine works, pausing as you wish to contemplate the essence and nuances of nurtured creativity at its best.


Murali Krishna N | Chowdary V. Arikatla | David Derr


We hope you enjoy our show of fine art work from these talented individuals who are at the forefront of the contemporary art scene. And, perhaps if you wish to learn more about them, please follow the links provided to their personal portfolio sites to inquire about obtaining a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your own personal collection.